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FEMA Mapping Updates - VT Floodplain Management Drop-in Discussion

This is the second in a series of drop in events to discuss floodplain management topics, and to talk about what’s on your mind.

These are informal gatherings on the third Thursday of the month at 9 am.  No registration is required. Come on by!

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This month, we will be discussing the status of new FEMA flood maps around the state, and what that will mean for your community. We anticipate draft maps being released across much of the state in this next year, which will kick-off a multi-year FEMA-led process for communities to review the new maps, and make required changes to your flood regulations. Please join us to learn more about this process and what you can expect in the coming years.


These Drop-In Discussions are strictly “live-on-Teams” and will not be recorded.   The discussions are intended to support the work of municipal officials who are responsible for floodplain and river corridor regulations, and/or are involved in the broader work of floodplain management.


If you have questions about the event, or using Teams, feel free to reach out to


Future invitations to the Drop In Discussions will be posted to the Flood Resilience Listserv and also as News on


We hope to see you there!


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