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New 2023 Elevation Certificate (EC)

FEMA has issued the new 2023 Elevation Certificate.

This is the correct form for documenting flood risk at buildings. 
After October - this is the only acceptable form for new ECs.  Old ECs remain valid.

The 2023 EC form can be downloaded here:

(Right click and download the form-fillable .pdf)

Within the form watch for a button in the upper left corner to access detailed "Form Instructions".

The Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) noted an orientation video from FEMA: 

In this 60-minute online training, FEMA provides background information on the Elevation Certificate form and connects the recent form changes to the way that flood insurance is rated. Instruction also involves a review of changes within each section of the form, including the addition of two new sections (Sections H and I). Watch on YouTube

EC Section Descriptions













Purpose of EC Sections

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