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River Flow/Flood Prediction Maps - Launch of NWPS

Please update your weblinks and bookmarks to the new urls: 

The map display can be toggled to display the base flood for the NFIP.
In Montpelier and Waterbury the map display can also display a range of flood extents as predicted or selected through the FIM/ Flood Inundation Mapper (as below).

Extent of selected flood in Montpelier



















3/27/2024 Dear Partners,

TODAY the NWS launched the modernization and replacement of the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service  (AHPS) webpage with the National Water Prediction Service (NWPS). AHPS provides critical hydrologic information, especially during extreme hydrologic events including river observations and forecasts. If you are a frequent user of the AHPS webpage, you will find the same information and more with the new NWPS.

Important note: Bookmarks for AHPS connected pages will be discontinued on or around June 1st. 

Thank you for your close partnership with the NWS. If you have any questions on these new web capabilities, do not hesitate to contact us, especially John Goff ( our Senior Service Hydrologist. Stay tuned for refinements and enhancements over the course of the next year as we work to realize the nimbleness and flexibility of modern software engineering practices, geospatial technology and cloud infrastructure.

Warmest regards,

NWS Burlington

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