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Thurs March 21 at 9 am Flood Elevations from the FIS - VT Floodplain Management Drop-In Discussion

Join us Thursday March 21 at 9 am to find out how you can determine flood elevations from a detailed flood study.

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If you have a detailed study in your community (Zone AE with Base Flood Elevations) you can use the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) to determine the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) at specific locations.  This information can help applicants understand the risk at a structure and how to get a sense of elevations for flood damage resistant repairs and improvements.  This can also allow you to double check the BFE on plan sets, and Elevation Certificates. 
You may also discover important and problematic built features in town that aggravate local flooding.

And – let’s talk about what’s on your mind!   Your feedback and suggestions are requested  

The Drop-In Discussions are informal gatherings on the third Thursday of the month from 9 – 10 am hosted by VTDEC’s River Corridor and Floodplain Protection program.  No registration is required.  Come on by!

The discussions support the work of municipal officials who are responsible for floodplain and river corridor regulations, and others who are involved in the work of flood resilience in Vermont.  To support casual dialogue the discussions are not video-recorded.   

If you have questions about the event, or using Teams, feel free to reach out to

Future invitations to the Drop In Discussions will be posted to the Flood Resilience Listserv and also as News on

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