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TS Irene Buyout Program: 2011-2021 An Overview and Recommendations

Vermont’s Tropical Storm Irene Buyout Program: 2011-2021
An Overview and Recommendations  4/2022

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds, with the addition of  Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Relief and Vermont Housing and Conservation Board monies were essential in saving over 150 households from financial hardship or ruin. The programs were also critical in making sure damaged properties were safely demolished and did not persist as blight and fire hazards, but were either returned to a natural condition or parks in some cases. Buying out sites precluded rebuilding and associated future flood risks to residents of the sites, potential future rescues by first responders, and damage to downstream infrastructure. In some cases, buyouts also created more flood channel capacity that will lessen the threat of flooding to adjacent sites.


Map of Project Sites 

For more information on the Irene Buyout Program contact:

  • Kevin Geiger, Senior Planner AICP CFM
    Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission
  • Stephanie Smith, State Hazard Mitigation Officer
    Vermont Emergency Management
  • Ann Karlene Kroll, Director of Grants Management
    Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development

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