Draft Flood Training Site now live - your feedback invited!

The Vermont  Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking your feedback on new draft Flood Training Modules.

Given the complexity of River Corridor and flood hazard area protection, and the reality that most of the work is done by volunteers, VT DEC is creating a tool that helps people understand key concepts, learn from work already happening in Vermont communities, and find answers to common questions they will likely face as floodplain administrators or other municipal officials.

As you know, the Flood Ready Vermont site was launched in 2014 and serves as a comprehensive website for municipal officials on flooding issues. This new site is more narrowly focused on the needs of volunteers (and some paid staff) who are responsible for doing the resilience work in their community, and giving them resources to move forward.

The draft of the new tool can now be found at floodtraining.vermont.gov

We hope you'll review the content, and offer your insight into how we can make this better.  We want to know what you think works well and what might be missing (though keep in mind, we don't want to recreate existing resources...just link to them if they add value).  And of course, if you find any errors, please let us know!

We also want to hear your ideas for sharing this tool with people doing this work.

Consider reading our survey first, so you know exactly what we're looking for, and you can prepare responses as you go. As it takes time, you might want to track them separately and then put them all into the survey when you're done reviewing.

We would love to have feedback for near term changes soon – by the end of April.  Beyond that, your thoughts are welcome and we will continue to make edits and add resources over time.

Thanks so much for your time and your help with making this a useful tool!