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Webinars: Lake Champlain Flood Management

The International Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Study Board would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming series of technical webinars. Each week starting on Thursday November 5th, the Board will host a webinar on one of eight key topics being investigated under the Study. An in-depth presentation will be provided by one of the study members involved in the research on a particular topic. The presentation will be followed by a Q and A period, during which participants will be able to ask subject experts questions about their work.

The one-hour webinars will be offered during morning sessions in English and afternoon sessions in French. Please consult the schedule for the upcoming webinars below.


Date & Time 

Topic of Technical Webinar 

Thursday, November 5th
10:00 (EN); 13:30 (FR) 

Watershed Storage: use of wetlands and the temporary flooding of farmlands to reduce flooding 

November 12th  
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 

Overview of Performance Indicators 

November 18th  
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 

Improvements in forecasting (includes information on actual flood forecasting systems) 

November 24th  
11:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 

Development of a performance indicator for damages to residential buildings and its use in economic analysis   

December 2nd  
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 

How the LCRR study is assessing Climate Change 

December 9th  
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 

Chambly Canal diversion 

December 16th
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 

Floodplain management considerations 

Jan 11-15th (TBC)
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 

Risk perception surveys, vulnerability and other social science studies 



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