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Deadline Friday Dec 9 - Does your community need a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan?

Does your community need a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan?

Local Hazard Mitigation Plans (LHMP) allow communities to:

  1. Receive Hazard Mitigation Funds from FEMA to reduce known problems,
  2. Qualify the community for financial help after a disaster from ERAF , and
  3. Allow the community to update bylaws before the new flood maps become official.

Check your community’s LHMP status at Flood Ready Vermont.   Vermont Emergency Management encourages communities to apply for funds two and a half years or more before your plan expires.

Funding to support the planning work is available now.  The funding requires a 25% financial or in-kind match.  Municipal officials send the 25% Match Certification Form  to  before the Friday December 9 deadline. 

More information on Local Hazard Mitigation Plans at:

Map of VT Communities Needing a Plan to allow Bylaw Updates Before the Prep Deadline
Communities Needing a LHMP or Municipal Plan 11.22.22


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