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Model Bylaw for Hazard Areas - Available Now

An updated model bylaw for flood hazard areas and river corridors has been released by Vermont DEC.

The model can be used by communities as a "stand alone" land use regulation, or as an appendix to zoning.  The text has been pre-reviewed by FEMA, and helps  communities qualify for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program.

The model protects the functions of Special Flood Hazard Areas and River Corridors to avoid aggravating the risk to families and municipal investments already in or near a hazard area.  By providing for River Corridor Protection the bylaw qualifies municipalities for the highest level of support after a disaster from the Emergency Relief and Assistance Fund (ERAF).

The bylaw aligns with standards for flood resilience supported by the Vermont Hazard Mitigation Plan and used in state project review and permits.

Released with the model is an annotated version, a Higher Standards Cross-Walk, as well as two new modules on the Flood Training website describing No Adverse Impact and the current work by FEMA to update Flood Insurance Rate Maps across most of Vermont. 

The 2022 VT Model Stand Alone Flood Hazard Bylaw integrates the standards in the 2018 Model Sections into a working package for community editing.  The text is intended to support municipal officials working for flood resilience, meeting FEMA map deadlines, and qualifying for available support through ERAF. 

For more information about the bylaw and the adoption process please contact your VT DEC Regional Floodplain Manager.




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