Update to the Statewide River Corridor Map

The River Corridor and Floodplain Protection Program is pleased to announce the availability of draft enhancements to the Statewide River Corridor Map. Over the last three years, the program integrated over 2200 miles of field-based stream geomorphic assessment data into the existing statewide map.  Updates to the map were informed by field determined valley wall locations, confining features such as bedrock, and sensitivity rating based on physical stream condition.  Some changes are based on more recent and detailed map data (e.g., aerial imagery or LiDAR) were also included.

The draft river corridor map is posted on the Flood Ready Atlas  tinyurl.com/floodreadyatlas and may be viewed in comparison to the applicable Statewide River Corridor Map Layer released in January, 2015 (tutorial begins on the following page).

The draft map will be posted on the Flood Ready Atlas over the next several months to encourage public review of the map updates and allow people ample opportunity to provide information that might further improve the map.  Please send proposed map update information to ANR.WSMDRivers@vermont.gov and put River Corridor Map in the subject line.  Information submitted should provide specifics about the location (e.g. map, screen shot, latitude/longitude) and a detailed description regarding the nature of the proposed map update. 

Once map update information has been reviewed and incorporated, as appropriate, we will post the updated layer on Agency of Natural Resources’ (ANR) Natural Resources Atlas as the applicable Statewide River Corridor Map Layer.  Please note that ANR will accept proposals for map updates at any time, consistent with DEC Flood Hazard Area & River Corridor Protection Procedure.  The DEC Rivers Program anticipates an update of the Statewide Layer on an annual basis.

Flood Ready Atlas: tinyurl.com/floodreadyatlas
Information on river corridor mapping is contained in the DEC Flood Hazard Area & River Corridor Protection Procedure: dec.vermont.gov/sites/dec/files/documents/DEC_FHARCP_Procedure.pdf
Questions about the river corridor map update process may be directed to your Regional River Scientist: dec.vermont.gov/sites/dec/files/wsm/rivers/docs/rv_River_Scientist_Regions.pdf
River Corridor Frequently Asked Questions:  floodready.vermont.gov/rcfaq


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How to view the Draft River Corridor Map on the Flood Ready Atlas

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Thank you for your interest and feedback on Draft Statewide River Corridor Map.

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