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“Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable" - Dwight Eisenhower

bridge demolished by debrisEvery community has a different situation and different people involved in planning.  And yet, by paying attention to the right things, and weighing our opportunities and priorities, we can help our communities become more flood resilient, sustainable, and prosperous.

Local Hazard Mitigation Plans are only in their second round. The flood resilience element of municipal plans was established in May 2013 and is now required for plans adopted after July 1, 2014. Sharing our discoveries in the planning process allows us to learn from each other, avoid common mistakes, and identify potential opportunities we may not have considered. We have a lot to learn together.

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Flood Resilience Plan Elements

ACCD Database of Municipal Plans and Bylaws 

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Local Hazard Mitigation Plans

Recent LHMP (approved after 7/2021) are now linked from the "LHMP Approved" field in the ERAF Summary Report.

Braintree Hazard Mitigation Plan FInal FEMA Approval 6.13.14
Grafton Hazard Mitigation Plan Final FEMA Approval 8.25.14 
Granville Hazard Mitigation Plan FInal FEMA Approval 7.22.14 
Hartford Hazard Mitigation Plan  Final FEMA Approval 7.23.14 
Montpelier Hazard Mitigation Plan Final FEMA Approval 2.9.15 
Readsboro Hazard Mitigation Plan  Final FEMA Approval 9.22.14 
Rochester Hazard Mitigation Plan FInal FEMA Approval 6.16.14 
Sunderland Hazard Mitigation Plan Final FEMA Approval 9.22.14 
Tunbridge Hazard Mitigation Plan  4MB Final FEMA Approval 3.2.15 
Wardsboro Hazard Mitigation Plan  Final FEMA Approval 8.25.14 

Central Vermont Regional Commission - LHMP - on Assoc Hazard Mitigation Plan Files 
Windham Regional Commission - LHMP - on WRC Town Information 

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Related Work

Most of the data on these sheets can be found on the Map Tools and Community Reports pages. 

Handout - Berlin Flood Hazard Datasheet
Handout - Richmond Flood Hazard Datasheet

If you have draft or final products that you can share with other planners - please send them along!

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